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Torn By Thorns - lyrics

False words of despair
Hang in the evening air,
Broken, pious prayers
Hung upon this heathen lair
When led into darkness
Their voices are so lifeless
As Luna's noose caresses,
Utter lies smothered to mutters
Groaning echoes in the night
Grow into fear and fright
Pathetic tears dripping down
To stain their tattered gowns
Those sweet, tearful eyes
Rue that lust that blinds,
And their pleasured high
Ushered by their sighs
When led into darkness
Their nature of defiance
Penetrates from within,
Embrace their new kin
And their chastity fellates,
Them faith disintegrates,
Their purity fornicates:
Their self-scorn - forlorn
Now, let Loke arise,
No longer abide
The rule of daylight,
That rueful "divine".
"Laguz! Ofhala! Kaon! Ehwaz!"
These are the runes
I'll scrape into your bones,
Etching this mark
Into your darkened mind
So full of scars
I will inscribe
And from what remains
I'll carve your new soul -
Your mind and spirit
Manifestaied in flesh
When led into darkness
Then voices are so lifeless
As Luna 's a, noose caresses
Utter lies smothered to mutters
And their chastity fellates,
Their faith disintegrates,
Their purity fornicates
Under my dark spell

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