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Creation Of The World - lyrics

In the early days, at the dawn of time when the earth was young
Before the daylight was created there was no difference between spirit and stone
Infernal fires rise from bottomless depths
A fallen angel appears from the void
Hear the cries of the fallen angel spreading its pain through the dark
Trapped between the constellations, riding the blackened winds of death
Guarded by the storm of the past, ruled by demons still unknown to man
The angel breeds its spawn and spreads the seed to create a world of lies
See the fog rise from the ground, wander into the black sky,
forming clouds of rain
Starlight locked behind a darkened wall of mist
Raindrops fall to earth and form the seas
An infinite light, the morning of time
And the rule of the fallen angel has begun
The angel casts its spell, a curse upon this world
Possessed by the lust of fate and destiny
On the angels head the crown of life and death
Creating a plague called humanity

(Listen to the angel's voice whisper from the void):
"I am the beast from eternity. I'm the ruler of this world
I watch your step and hold your fate. Pray to me, call me god!"

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