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Passion of My Heart - lyrics

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I have never been content
With ordinary life
The city bores my mind
It drains the essence from my life
Stagnation of my soul
Spirit is next to go
I'll fight to make a change
Or waste away in my defeat
I'll wake up
I'll stand up
The power that I hold
Opens a door for me
My father's countenance
Will pave the way for victory
Passion of my heart
Leads me to the choices that I will make
Passion of my heart
Blinds me to the chains that would hold me back
The ones who have control
Have never looked beyond
Their own conceited lies
They fear the ones who speak the truth
All of their cautious lives
They've never dared to dream
To live beyond the walls
The walls that keep them safe and warm
I will not disappear
I will raise up my voice
This way of life we lead
Will never be the same again

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