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Keep It Turned On - lyrics

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I Know It's Hard To See
Why Things Aint Going Your Way, Baby
And Everyone You Know
Seems To Get The Breaks You Don't
And The Words To The Songs That You Sing
Aint The Right Ones Baby...No
And The Grass Is The Wrong Shade Of Green
Or So It Seems... Yeah...
Don't Break It Up
Don't Shake It Up
Just Turn It On, Got To Keep It Turned On
Don't Burn It Out
Don't Sell It Out
Just Turn It On, Got To Keep It Turned On
Turn It On...
You Gotta Understand
Life Is What You Make It Baby
No Time To Sit Around and
Think Of The Mistakes You Made
Well It's Not What You Had
It's What You're Having Right Here Baby
And It's Not Who You Know
It's What You Know Deep Down Inside

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Keep It Turned On

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