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Thunders of Wrath - lyrics

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Thunders of wrath in the north
Hearts of stone are to be born - buckle your armors
Your wings are bent by an evil thorn
Wipe your bones - rise above
Your shallow flesh has built the infernal throne
Taste the rotten smell of what your ancestors have
Planted - heads of future swell
Your soil has been tampered with for centuries
Now in a crypt lay to rest decaying manifests
Tied to strings of history and malevolency
Look in the eyes of your distractor
His war is wrapped in moral code
The axe I hold shall be the tool
Disclosing the fuckers fraud
A force of nature deep within
The army of hell under my skin
A force of nature deep within - stir the veil of sin
The more you look, the mess you see
Glassy eyes of a festered corpse
A man and his rotten teeth self pushing paradise
Planted a seed of blazing scorn
Redemption near by his own demise
The more you look, the mess you see
Pallid incompetence hanging from a tree
Hand us the future in disguise
A stern invasion about to rise
Judgement day - the night is here
Darkness around to cast a fall
Vomit the rest of what's left of fear - human nature
What man has made - men won't destroy
Fearsome methods encramp the soul
Wipe your bones - rise above

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