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Fall (Dream Trip I) - lyrics

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No sadness of the empty names
Can see horizon distant line
Bonfire of desires
I will ruin slowly
The desert's dream will let me know
By silent rustle of water
That I have started on and
From the stream I have drunk water
Distant hills' shadow
Will dissolve my sadness
Wind will blow away
Where the sky is all around me
Flap of eagle's wing
World of objects will reject
Nothing to regret
Thoughts have turned into a tall tale
On the old clock's face
Hands are moving back
And time is contracting
Into the swirl of roses
I hear the words
But I can't get the point
And I can see men
Stalking through the yellow mist
…Your motion is like a paralyzed dream
The dream that has no signs of a motion
We are so close and you know it
City - of our dreams
We are - gonna take you with us
…Give up all your questions
And follow the way
The very same way that your heart will advise you
And then we are just gonna help you find
Place without questions
Door… is half open
Now you have to follow us
You can just stay right here
And be yourself
So make your choice: stay here or fly with us
The leaves are again falling down from the trees
And one can hear birds cry in grey sky
The leaves are tired to leave and are dying
And summer is passing away with small rain
To lands that are so far away
Carried far away with a wind
But somehow my heart is easy and calm
As if I'm somewhere around
Watch my shadow licking the ground
I fly as a black raven high in the skies
Look for my heart where the water is flowing
And the roots of grass are sleeping in silence
Step carefully upon the cold sand
The path made of stars on the black water
And slowly, slowly advance to the East
Towards yourself, yourself, yourself
Dream – the arrow fly
That flies away somewhere
Dream – the shortest way
The way there and way back
Where the eagle's wing
Has thrown a veil over men's world
Where the arrow flies
To the place where all is clear

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