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In the land of countless plains
Where even birds' cry can't be heard
I will leave the black load of my soul
And the soul-tearing wind of snowy hills
Will put down my bon-fire of words
Just like a dagger cooling down the blood
Heavens cry with tears of rain
To the non-existing world
You will fly with us
The raven will justify you way
It will bring you past the guards
Just don't you talk to the spirits of rain
And let your heart suggest the way
You will see the world as it is
Without empty useless vanity
As it is – all of it and at once
And the talks will not be needed
And the noisy thoughts will shut up
The way it is – pure mind
Just when the night will kill the day
The sky will revive by the Moon
Your allies gonna leave you
The world in which there is no warmth
Where the life is just cold ashes
You will be sent to your last flight
I will give you hope
Become eternal like the night wind
Become pure like the mountain stream
I will give you infinity

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