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Winter (Dream. Trip 2) - lyrics

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Night, but what is coming next?
How will I open my eyes
If my heart is empty and
The spirits are dumb?
I've become somebody else
Just not to be myself
Like a candle burnt myself
Candle died out
…I have lost what was important in life
…And I've traded human world for world of mirrors
…I'm afraid to wake up into a dream
…Even though I was still flying
My soul has turned dark
I've wrapped the warmth in snows
I've frozen up my heart
So that it doesn't hurt
And one cold evening
When there was snowstorm
With the icy wind
I left my body…
…And still not quite believing
That I have come through
I whirled in dance of spirits
Just like a snowflake
With fluffy weightless white snow
Covering the soil
Under black and starry winter skies
From one side to another
If that's how the Death arrives
I'll fling doors wide open
And I'm gonna leave behind
All the world's grief
Fateful whisper of the Death
Will carry me away and
I will fly away like snow
To the black distance

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