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Witch (Part 3 - Bishop's Death) - lyrics

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The dogs of night are showing their teeth
And tearing the wind with their bark
I will give them freedom
With the night storm
With the first thunder
The whole pack
Will go to the North
To arrive there at midnight
And become themselves
The soldier on the bridge
Will shriek silently
The fangs on his throat
Through the open gates
We'll come in
To have a funeral feast
Many will die asleep
Blood smell intoxicates
We will not close the books
Until the bishop is dead
Death… will follow us into each
Home… and will take those it
Needs… first the dogs and
Then… it waits for the souls
The empty square lit by lightning
The wind throws up the dust
The bon-fire is down, the ashes smolder
Next to the empty cross
Ice in the eyes of the priest
Horror and fear
And the pack of dogs driving him
Away from home that's close to the bridge
Watch the full Moon
There's so little light in your eyes
Take with you all your pain
That you'll get by the dawn
On the roomy site of fire
The dogs were ripping the flesh
The bishop's soul was leaving
His body in throes
The Moon was shining through the clouds
It was raining over the town
The dogs were holding the death
‘Cause they were waiting…
The death touched upon
What had just been
Burning in the name of love
With the rays of dawn
The pack left the town
And disappeared
All the night warriors were gone
…Following the midnight Moon
To the lands of endless words of grief
And the day returned to the town
The day that was long awaited

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