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relive what you have done
regret what you can’t change
in this hell we create for ourselves
as our minds and our bodies decay
this is hell...we’re in hell!
nothing, inside
the fear takes hold of you
become your fear
anguish...depression...the fear of death
the fear takes hold of you
become your fear
a fear that haunts your soul
controlled by fear
the night will fade and die into the sunrise
a light that blinds us into its submission
we are all in this hell together
dead as dreams, dead as truth, forgotten
all stumbling blindly into the flames, burn...
the sun will set again, pray that in never rises
the light will burn us all, reducing us to ashes
dead as dreams, dead as truth, all...
nothing is left, become your fear
anguish and depression, controlled by fear
burning in the light, moths to the flame
rotting in this hell, consumed with regret
all, rotting in hell
all, dead as the truth
this is hell...

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Dead As Truth

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