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Day of Rebirth - lyrics

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Naked and bleak the land
destruction is now at hand
skinny and dirty bodies
accompany every move
Anger fury pride and honour driving rapidly insane
the extasy of hunting down and killing every enemy
no reason and no explanation for the ruthless massacre
the art of war the lust for blood blurs every sense
Grey skin peeling off bones
no vengeance could be done
I see the ruins of the world in flames
everything is broken torn and smashed
punishment raining down clearing the air
ashes dust and rotten bodies left
Finding your own enemy not on the battlefield
seek and destroy, bloody thunder, flash of fire
one day everything will return to you
the downward spiral twisting on without an end
Crouching on the fields of decay
stumbling falling into dust
laying weak down on the floor
left behind and trampled on
a path full of lies betrayed us
wrong promises, temptation
our agony grows stronger every single day
And from the ashes we will rise like phoenix
when there is the chance for a new beginning
on the day of rebirth
defeated and wiped out we were for the last time
now we build up our nation and hail the living
on the day of rebirth
No humanity left
the only thought is revenge
tales of the new world
stirring up violence
Killing to survive
make this life your own
creating a world of fear
the lord of terror reigns
drown in your pain
burning everything inside
other emotions are in vain
Tempora mutantur
No more slavery for those who believe in armageddon
freedom and shelter will no longer be denied
The times have changed
Everywhere black trees in full bloom sawing seeds of fire
the wind carries the poisonous scent of sulphur
Bringer of a new age
leader of the revolution
the day of rebirth
has finally arrived
with no fear of dying
we never will surrender
the flames of courage
are burning in our eyes
Out of the nothing we came back to get alive
we took our chance for a new beginning
victorious we march on the day of rebirth

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