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Pandaemonium, Pandaemonium
In the midst of Hell capital of worst evils
There, Satan rules, the council of demons
House of fallen angels made by the and of Mulciber
A palace surrounded by fire, the throne of Lucifer
Pandaemonium - stronghold of the undworld
Pandaemonium - proud seat of Lucifer
Mournful gloom for celestial light
Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven
Here at last, we shall be free
Hail horrors, hail, infernal world! Pandaemonium
The infernal empire close to Heaven's door
realm of all evil
Majestic golden roof
In the regions of sorrow,
at the place of doleful shades where peace and rust can never dwell, a monument of hate shall rise
Pandaemonium - stronghold of the underworld
Pandaemonium - proud seat of Lucifer
Winged heralds,
by command of sovereign power, proclaim a solemn council, a thousand demi-gods on golden seats
Pandaemonium - stronghold of the underworld
Pandaemonum - proud seat of Lucifer
Hell-doomed mankind!

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