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The Trees - lyrics

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I walked beside a pathway
And tried to cut a tree
But I heard their leaves whisper
In a summer evening breeze
I’ve never seen a wonder
In this tremendous world
And I know that you’ll not believe
The things that I have heard…
A spruce said to an old oak
So many things you’ve told
And soon your days’ll be counted
But me – I won’t grow old
From far there cried a willow
- You’re in the forest’s shield
But I must breathe much more lead
Out here in my field! –
But then they heard a small elm
- Be quiet in your good fate
You still got resistance
For me it’s now too late! –
Way back in my hometown
I thought I had a dream
But then I heard the lament
Of the city trees
Now I’m waiting for the darkness
When the trees will call
I use my axe for people
I think I’ll cut them all…

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