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The Benighted Era of the New Age - lyrics

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See a civilizarion of outer-things and their and native slaves filling a whole of existence, consciousness taken over by new heights of deception…their angle of dimensions just a corner of our own, filling the native minds with pre-euclidean forms and pre-cambrian lies of space kings and alien conquerors, spread through occult “knowledge” and childs-play magikical acts and rituals…a whole civilization of blind soldiers being pushed through to the demon-void, willingly and happily, to give up their souls for dreams and illusions, the walking brain-dead, not knowing the demons they open the doors for…
Human beings turned into spiritual cannibals, feeding off of the posion in our brethren and in ourselves, clawing and digging aimlessly into who we are, never questioning, always silently nodding…being laughed at from more vile akashas.
”What a foolish thing they pursue. They have eyes and yet they can not use them.” See a civilization where humans are not as they think, but through energy cross-communication deliver their soul-owners lie from one to another, spreading disease and spiritual destruction to whomever their invisible net reaches…diseased and unknowning, fed by shapes and signals from their homes, living as a live radio feed, live examples of hypnotic and demonic television-brains in stock-marketed bodies, do as they say…perfect slaves for the benighted era of the new age.

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