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The Switch to Turn Off Mankind - lyrics

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Mental bulldozers let loose
Cruising towards life
A trail of human mud
I shall bring peace...
Mankind on its knees before a power too strong
Helplessly accepting their god proven wrong
Panic releaves the evergrowing fright
While sanity dies as there's no cure in sight
Hope crushed on display
Screams breed like flies
You envy the dying in the mirror
While I bring peace...
Faster to death with the throttle at max
As I introduce Mr. Neck to Mr. Axe
Self rightous ethics forced down your throat
No room for morals in this sinking boat
Penetrating sirens howling
Mankind has lost
The monument of society is falling
As I bring peace...
Burning the rest in the fire with god
Leftover faith sunken in blood
Far beyond terrifying closer to hell
And yet another train of believers derails
Ruins, landscape of death
History's over and gone
Silence like never before
As I brought peace...
Geniously evil forcing you down
Total destruction you're loosing your ground
I'm in command, I give the sign
I rule the switch to turn off mankind

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The Switch to Turn Off Mankind

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