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Billowing Vervain - lyrics

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Satan, decompose the adipose and oppose the verbose verb oath.
Tenets curtail in chambers foetid; salamandrine host deluge from the amphora.
Urn vericose, take flight on Icarian currents; in anabasis plummet to charnel leagues.
It is Helios' time to devour Iscariot in the basalt of Styx; cerbereposed.
What will it take to flood the Hells?
How many years must pass before the levees widen?
Before the Leviathan swidens?
Long hours will be lost to the floodplains of consciousness- and hours innumerable remain yet.
What have ye to say for all your brittle whims?
When wanton wants wither and wane, will you wallow in the womb?
With wounds be ye wracked...
Drink the shit from the cancerous bowels of Corinth's patron, for Lucifer in policeverso doth pressure your hyoid; the same as plucked from that honeycombed hive.
Pregnant and famished- peons to the claw of Cancer, and sigilium therein. An ovulating and obeisant child of Mercury milks feces from a tumorous and flaccid penis.
Mark my words, Siddim!
I alone speak the truth;
None before me have,
And none who come after will.
The solecorporeal and providential phosphene,
For but a moment-
Viscerally triangulated.
Janus gapes the edifice to the temple of Yeshua- and the waters rush in.
Janus gapes the edifice to the chambers of Satan- and the waters rush in.
Omnascient- ever-birth the weight of white waters.
To the inescapable tide's predation submit, and plummet in to the Taurus mouth.
Ophiotaurus on throne of disjoined bones, arms aloft to be as Sa'ul.
O, LORD! I am your son!
Manasseh! Hear my voice!
Amon! I bow to thee!
O! Father Cain! Bless and accept this work!
From septenary diminish
The non-finite in formulae.
Within the athenor of Taurus Fading,
toxins of uterine dispel creation so total.
Serifalanx! Even imperishable vanguard concede as the waters rush in.
Lexiconsume! The thorn genesis most finite in terminus as the waters rush in.
I know now your name, and I call you by it as the rivers deluge in to the furnace.
Break me on the rocks.
Amphora to athenor.
I now know your name,

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