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Where compelled. The irradiated flourish. Atrocities towards firmament. Spayed loins. Devious decadence. Shatter prism. Psalteria of the cut-tongue. Make a saint of the master. For threefold are his miracles. And if to be Spinifer is revered as primary tenet of the foremost fiat. Then surely there is none. So Holy, Holy! Holy! Holy! Userper of the bronze throne from the timid regency of olam and akasha. Sojourn the cavern's depths.
Born in the glow of the afterfuck. Baptized in the dripping cleft of her swollen vagina. Nurtured between labia. Dead in her mouth. Buried between her hips. Reborn in sodom. In climax of engorged labia. Crescent arc of vengeance weapons. Ye shall be absolved. Imbibe my seed. ye shall be vindicated. When I lay hands that murder. Must I make good on my word as a testament to my resolve? Then let the violence commence without further hesitation. Let's not kid ourselves here. I will transgress and transcend where you have trepidation to traverse.

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