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Say Nothing - lyrics

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Know this- this which I proclaim past truth!
That which is ordained as holy law even up through the corridors of Hell; even the lowest hall of Elysium.
There is not one hand which may scribe a codex for the Devil, and there is not one mind with the knowledge of Satan's doctrine; and there is not one tongue that may hiss the true name of that abomination!
For there are no ears that have heard it, and yet there is not one which has not!

Crane'd pillar prostrates its nacre upon necrolith; eager ecstasy flung alabaster vitality to the foot of the famished tomb.
Woman of many phosphenes; eyes not unlike altar-stelles.
Mouths like myriad alembics; multitude of mirrors to mask master's countenance.
Lost in the murk of flotsam created when ye Devill's name was uttered in Syriac, the neophyte's soul's exclaims "all hail death".
White hands calmly caress beneath the mandibles, and the pearls are scattered.
Wight hands clammily carest occipitals, and Venus is shattered.
Show them, O Grande Marquis, where the heir hath erred in the airt!
Tell them, Leopold, of the archer's acumen!
Frothing at pregnant maw; a jovian child splayed in droll supplication.
It is he who sayeth, lunting gayly the gold and merrily the myrh of the manger,
-Patiently, darling, in the reverential presence of the torrent of revenants!
-Quietly, my dear, in this time of no angels!
Behold! Death will temper the vanities!
Frayed tapestries flutter and pustules burst in adoration.
Sojourn the cloister's naos unct in hyssop.
The sage, bound so, may never be set aflame.
All paths have lead here.
Ye victim of order imposed,
Neither dilligence,
Nor sanctified verbum,
May kiss even the foot of my master,
Nor the ring of his papacy.

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