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Condemn their spirits to imprisonment
Signal the enslavement of the weak
Aspersorium hemorrhaging
In their harrowing of lies, the traitor is in their midst- but they are unaware- the endless diaspora is upon them:
To the folk of Pontus, and those of Galatia,
To the Cappadocians, Asians and Bathyians
To the weeping masses, all who seek salvation-
Condemned to the trials of the Nine Hells
Sword- blade of persecution
Tongues- Cut in mass confusion
Fire- Solvent and solution immolate the disillusioned
Prayer- to the all destroyer
Sounder- of the seven trumpets
Gospel of the Arch-Heretic
Nocturnal vigil
Most giving sacrifice
Enter in to the arena of the averse one
Adversary, the Devil, as a roaring lion walketh about
Seeking one he may devour
Prey begins to pray- perfection imminence
Ensigil the vow of the worthless
Adorn with feces and seek the condemnation of the flames
As Death's cult crushes death cult and the usurper of the thorny brow, would not the modern manifestation of this heresy be the hypodermic?
Descend to the bringer of iron light

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