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Balletic & Glacial - lyrics

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The sullen voice resounds a heavy message
So I collect myself
Looking for a way to fit the faceless pieces
Against this foreign background, still I know
You are not gone
But you have lost a say in the voice that will carry you on
I move inside my own sick stillness
Trying to confront the void you've become
Without a choice at all
Stay close to those who make every endless day
A little easier to feign apathy at bay
we’re all lost and fragile
As the waves swelling on frigid and flickering
The crowd dissolves again and the
Words make way for the sickeningly guttural
Silence drowning me
Without a choice at all
you are loved beyond all reason we could fathom
Called beyond before we had a chance to figure this out
We can’t see the forest for the trees

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