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Garage Monger - lyrics

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Hushed up the constant noise to find
A remedy still repressed
Undress the wound in silent terror
Trembling as you regress
Waiting out the aching tremors
Each fear manifests it’s relentless assault
It’s a ruthlessly persistent spiral
taunting me in my pathetic feeble resolve
As I plumb the depths
Of my torturous pattern of wasted time
A sputtering child robbed of all his creature comforts
As the anchors dissolves
Convulsing between shrouded fleshy fragments
Of a life equations couldn’t solve
A blurred out picture lingers on the way
To the light that could draw him back
I gave up all the colour to redefine my name
Silence dwells upon the edge of the blade
Buried beneath the craving
Impermanence will reign
Nothing you could say will ever satisfy
The bottomless desire of life within the hive
You are just a pawn to sit and observe the wheel
So when you approach the fountain do so with the utmost respect

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