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Hexadrizzle - lyrics

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The moment falls into the hollow
Rehearsal of vacuity
And just I’m an obstinate witness to survey
Each petty reason to compartmentalize
All your unforgivable transgressions against our fleshy hive
Fail to notice the web of experience tracing involuntary reactions through a complex hormonal battlefield
Arbitrarily solidfying inspecific notions chained to momentary animal lapses of reason
Irrevocably judged before my pristine filter
At least you’ll always know where you stand
In accordance with my shifting whims
My fear is encased in projected failure
Don’t you dare invalidate my emotional conceit, It’s all i have
I been lurking around these grounds for a long ass time boy
You won’t pull one over on me you little arrogant
Uncultured narrow fucking plebian
Where exactly do you get off
A noble impulse barely buried but just deep enough
So simple to be deceived, just lightly grasp the fragile string
Pulling us helplessly caught in the headlights of our cardiac gravity
Slowing the impact the deepening scream
The tires wail forward to erase
Intrinsically transfixed we’re unwillingly
Counting the bloodstains,cementing the mold
So what’s a wasted day compared to whats at stake
As we approach the chortling void
Show me an escape from the ritualistic
Building the fortress just to shake off the toll
And if its all a ploy just to simulate
I am the keeper of all that is absurd and joyous within myself
Recommencing our programmed obsolete routine
Joyous and completely obscene
But I won’t dare to consider the alternative
To our recursive scheme its a nightmare
Scenario blarga blarga blarga blooble boop
Slow down, as if you’ve got some place to be
You’re so eager to confront the encroaching design
Just take your time
I’m not rushing, there’s just no point draining away
The little time given by the fleshy hive

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