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Molten Teeth - lyrics

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I bring an offering of molten teeth
They’re glistening and eagerness to chew your glassy disease
But my promises were written in a pompous blood
so won't beware of the night that cradles every ageless centipede
An acrobatic surgical defeat compromises all my spinning questions boiled in their seats
I turn my lungs away, as you beckon to pull me back, I will resolve to play
Colossal panic keeps me warm
As I witness you choking swiftly
Your porcelain visage so deformed
Incantations thoroughly betrayed
By a shroud of nicotine gravy
One syringe full of your mane and I’m a
Cluster of lesions wobbling through your dorsal cave
Drape your favourite tentacles in
Thorny robes convulsing in a spinal reverie
Seething with a crass ultimatum I bend my putrid carriage
Pray for the swarming dogs convulsing in the clouds
Lobotomize the flood in a hail of scabs
We offer up our lesions for your decrepit insufflation
You told me I could be of help to ease your metric licking
So open wide don’t flinch or else
The venom won’t hesitate

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