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When every step of my progress
Consists of no real change
I must observe my inner rodent
Flailing in a maze
To suffocate underneath the weight of my
shameful ways rotten shallow and debased
I’ll be a martyr cowering before their
Faces contorted to appease your holy whims
Tell me why must repression
Be intrinsic to escaping fear
I will not rest till you’ve told me
Where has all the courage gone
We used to hold
When will we ever come to terms
With our baseless legacy of fear
We’re unworthy of these
Blind castrated martyrs
Peddling weakness from the grave
An illusion given time is cement that we grind
Underfoot as the destitute and ravenous horde helplessly falls in line
Blisters crack and boil
Lattice made to foil
Impulses we demonize

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