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Born unsuspecting and filled with high hopes for decay
But pleading with every frail tether tTo loosen up
Every tremor bathed in doubt
It seems to be much easier to integrate doubt into your faith
When threatened with a ceaseless terror
You’re mired in torrents of dismay, resigned to be a
Pawn to the inner voices
Don’t look beyond the veil
For the chosen one
You hold an awareness of the only
God is just enough for us all to understand
You hopelessly cower where you stand
Crystallize the above, defend it from those who stray
Watch as all the callous legions falter with their hardened hearts
Craving an escape
Let us not concern ourselves with their fate
Suspicious and estranged rituals that
Lay the foundations for centuries of misdirected
Hate was never enough
to satiate a much simpler goal
than this labyrinth we have fabricated
Blooooood rains from the eyes of the sedate
I'd say there just there’s just no need to draw a line
between each and every instance of the personal divine
Frail witness
You deserve to hold a piece of divinity
despite your wretched soul
You’ve been cut off from your innocent impulse
To search for what awaits beyond
As the reverent keep watch, clutching the keys
To the sacred channel of the spirit
Still I fall short and declare
Father I am feeble in your eyes

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