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Slippery Noodles - lyrics

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When the walls have been worn down you can see for miles
Where is the adversary to your kind
And what you hold so tight is no exception
To the ignorance you’ve sworn to fight
Yeah I know it’s pathetic but it feels so good know
That I’m invoking demons hidden beneath all our skins
Feeding the purge
Grant me my Eyes and staple them closed
So I may remain disposed to petulance in all it's forms
Drop your infantile facade
You fucking cowards will only tread on conquered ground
Whatever happened to your inner need for
Violence unrestrained
In the name of brutality we’re playin it safe
Don’t forget we’re all essentially the same band
Stop conjuring these useless demons from your juvenile disdain
your apathy is born of privilege still the anguish stakes a heavy claim
We all just want to feel something more than this fallacy
Thats been forced down all our gullets starving for the only true ideal

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