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Tractordeath - lyrics

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When the weather starts to turn
Weightless I’ll remain on the wings
Which carry me above your petty pain
So don’t whisper my destruction while I’m doing just fine on my own
Biding time with answers hidden on display
without a guilty conscience to decay,
My bacchanal and childish revelry
I indulge until the self I knew is
Gone, barren as the Moon
I’ve taken to be vital, still the sun it comes too soon
Voices all spin as vomitory visions paint the walls
Imploding penetrations of this throbbing fear assault
Grasping for anything to secure my long occluded self
I don’t need any help I’ll do just fine by myself
Gone, jealous and marooned
Sputtering and vile, still the sun it brings my ruin
I’ve wasted, all my precious time
withered in a fever of my unholy design
So when the glass has settled and dissolved
I’ll tremble through the thaw
Won’t somebody save me from the demons
I have worked so hard to invoke

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