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Alright the world's a mess unto this fact I do confess
I never promised nothin'
You tell me it's O.K., you never did have much to say
"Sit down and have another"
Now while the flowers dry up and the nectar fills your cup
I smell the fires burning
Could it be that you and me are heirs to the reality
You don't get marks for doin' nothin'?
You try to frighten me by threatening dependency
While on your crutch society prepares for revolution
I've searched the painted walls the battle grounds the
Shopping malls
Still I never heard the answer blowing in the win
Go! My! Way!
Could it be the ugly truth is never having solid proof
That you ever really counted?
And while your MTV blares "welcome to society"
Has your indecision faded?
After the darkest night you raise your fist and scream "I'll fight"
It's just what I expected
So now I cut the ties from something that I dont despise
And what do you believe in?
I try to threaten you by giving you unbiased truth
All your life you've been absorbed by walls of institution
Into the endless sea of pictures words and currency you fall
Into the comfort of the belly of control
Go! My! Way!
All my life the battle call just a thought not heard at all
A vision quest that wasn't new uncovered by a scattered few
When the call passed along began the thought kings were wrong
They tossed the thrones into the fire now the sign reads
"King for hire"
And so the real solution doesnt come from institution
It waits to be created
You tell me "Now I see your words make perfect sense to me
Except the part about revolution"
And while your banners waving higher than the fuckin' navy's
I aint really felt an impact
Now youve got words to say but words always get in the way
So once again I'll go my way!

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