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In my dreams you’re never hiding
And you wear your wedding gown
Your hair’s a shade of night time
And your eyes are deepest brown
Though you linger by a doorway
You slowly wander near
Take my hand and pull me nearer
It was fifty years ago
Farther into my dreams we dance
Drifting beneath the mist
I know this night won’t last, you’ll be gone but
I know those eyes will wait for me
Though I knew that you were taken
When we met there at the dance
It took no time to tell him
That you were all mine
Then we danced under the moonlight
For many years to come
But those years grow ever further
Yet I know my time will come
When the eternal ship comes for me
I know it will sail me to you
Under the glens of forgiveness
To that Ballroom again
We’ll dance into the mist, love
but this time you won’t leave my side
I’ll tell you all the things that have passed
Together we’ll rest, eternal in time

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