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Axegressor - lyrics

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we're not perfect
to play like the pro's
not classically educated
we're not one of those
we play from the heart
and if it feels right
we nuke the core of music
and make it fucking tight
drums give the rhythm
bass delivers boost
guitar shreds like hell
vokills spiced with booze
this is our music
this is our life
we accept our faults
yet give it more than a try
together as four
forged to be one
thrash to live for
if you can't play it - slay it!
there's no way we can triumph
we will never hit the charts
yet we want to rely on our faith
as we are dealt these metal cards
we're not awesome or too handsome
we can't show off with our looks
we don't really give a fuck
what's written in the trendy books

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