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Servants - lyrics

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blast all morals to dust
break the rules of the common men
crawl before the altar of wrath
reap the weak to the ground
master of disaster
moral code blaster
suffocate and subjugate everything humane
bleed for the need to stain the liable seeds
laws of sin are all ‘til the chaste ones fall
core of waging war, hell forevermore
servants of flesh
obeying its whims
carnal world, dark and grim
worship sin!
torment and lust
fuck you all!
semen and blood stains in walls
hail the beast within!
glorify and dignify everything insane
welter and bathe in this inhumane waste
all emotions benumbed, damage already done
release the beast and start the obscene feast
worship primitivity
despise the blinded herd
a pile of flesh, skin and bones
that’s all you fucking are
I support the depraved ways of total mind control
by practicing the arts of the deformed and the forlorn
by the harshness of emotions, for the glory of demise and to reap what I have sown
I worship the trinity of flesh, mind and soul
in everything that makes us perverse, depraved and foul
in the weakness of flesh, in the lunacy of mind and in the illness of soul

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