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Do They Know It's Pizza? - lyrics

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There are problems in the world, Some are big and some are strange
Nothing's gonna happen, If we don't try to make a change
There's an issue right in front of us, That we refuse to see
That's when you cut a pizza into eight slices, It can't be shared by three
There's no even way to split it when there's are three of you
Two people get three slices one is left with two
They're always cut into eight the division isn't fair
But if you cut your pizza into twelve slices there'd be enough to share
Cut you pizzas into twelve
It's divisible by four and three
Cut you pizzas into twelve
There'd be enough for you and me and Lee
Cut you pizzas into twelve
That way we get four slices each
Cut you pizzas into twelve
Equality is not out of reach
Now look we're not talking just about us we're also talking about those hungry groups of six who only get 1 and 1/3 of a slice in an eight slice pizza
With our twelve slice system they'll get two slices each
Now you're thinking what if I'm part of a group of eight, well order at least two pizzas you cheapskate, and a box of wine
So whether your a Giuseppe or a Luigi or a Mustapha from one of those pizza/kebab mixed businesses, Hey even if you sell by the slice, there's still more slices
And sure we still have the problem of what to do with groups of five or seven
But one issue at a time cutting our pizza into twelve is something we can change right now
So come on people let's make twelve slices famous, When you get home today change your Facebook status to let everybody know you're making a difference about how many slices a pizza's cut into
And if you really want to make a difference we'll send you a sicker on posterpak
So on December twelve we can cover the night with twelve slices
Twelve, December, Twelve
Cut you pizzas into twelve
Margherita or Vegetarian
Cut you pizzas into twelve
Yeah, To be truly egalitarian
Cut you pizzas into twelve
Yeah whether it's Supreme or Pepperoni
The only one who like eight slices is
African child snatcher Joseph Kony
Cut you pizzas into twelve
Anchovies or Salami
Kony cuts Pizzas into eight
and it's not enough to feed his tiny army
Cut your pizzas into twelve
They're looking far, they're looking wide
Cut your pizzas into twelve
Then we can bridge this great divide
Your pizzas into twelve
Stop Kony, what a prick
Divide your pizzas into twelve
He's the Simon Cowell of Pizza
Divide your pizzas into twelve
You guys remember Kony right?
Divide your pizzas into twelve
Maybe if we work together, we can stop hunger, in the first world.

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