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In a city plagued by the crime
A city you know, or could imagine
A city of buildings and streets
A city in pain
A city in need of a hero
That hero is Skeleton Man!
Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man!
Protecting the streets
Taking on crime
Saving the world
A day at a time
Under cover of night, cover of day
Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man!
During an accident as a child
This small boy broke his arm and was then exposed to x-rays
These rays revealed that the boy was in fact, part-man, part-skeleton
A skeleton man
Waitwaitwait, sorry, 'part-man part-skeleton'?
Yes, just as the centaur is part-man part-horse
So too is he, part-man part-skeleton
Right and which part is the skeleton part?
The skeleton... part.
What you mean like inside hi..
Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man!?
All made up of bone
Shaped like a man
Skeleton feet, and skeleton hands
He has calcium strength at his command
Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man, So he's just a regular man?
Many people think, he's just a regular man
But he's not just any man
I think he is!
He's Skeleton Man, He's Skeleton Man
Stop, stop! That's ridiculous!
Everyone has a skeleton, it doesn't make you a superhero
It's like saying 'OOHH! Skin Man'
Villian in disguise
But Skeleton Man
Sees through his plan
With his Skeleton eyes
He's Skeleton Man
No sorry stop singing, this is stupid
Everyone is part man part skeleton
Anyone could...whoever is listening to this song could be Skeleton Man
Skeleton Man's listening to our song
He bought our album
Or stole it off the internet
Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man
Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man
Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man, Skeleton Man

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