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Templar's Penitence - lyrics

(Moonblood cover)
They came from the west, conquered the holy land
Under the sign of the cross they've fought
Proud and merciless
For the glory of their lord
In a crusade against the unbelievers
Along the road to northern lands
Mighty castles were built to defend the conquered ground
Under the protecting hands of God
They did resist the mighty Saracen hordes
Far away from their masters eyes
In the loneliness of dark southern fullmoon nights
The holy halls has been desecrated by an infernal spirit
Hidden behind the cross of the holy knight of God
A diabolical cult was practiced
To summon the unknown from the crypts of eternity
Inspired by the horned forces of damnation, they broke all holy law
Innocent blood did flow upon ceremonial altars of Christ
And unholy spells did resound in the cathedrals of mercy
Ancient symbols of pagan glory replaced the crucifix' spirit
Summoning the magic cults in God's holy halls
Conjuring the ancient evil in the tombs of fallen knights
In southern Europe's fullmoon nights
Possessed by the greed for knowledge
They betrayed the king of Jews
To reach the highest level of human existence
To reach the eternity's shores
Conspiracy in God's own temples, denial of the cross
Blessed with endless wisdom from the cryptic scrolls of an dead race
Guardians on the portal of golden dust
As cruelty adorers of pagan heresy
They worshipped Lord Satan's doctrines
Under the crucified Nazarene's eyes

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