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I used to smoke my face out
right through the sky
I used to love to freak out
Do you wonder why
I'd hear the Stones rollin'
And I'd roll too
I didn't care what I was doin'
As long as I was with you
I was blown (woo woo)
And that's what you are now
I was blown (woo woo)
Didn't care why or how
I was blown (woo woo)
Rant jump and scream
I was blo-o-own
Right inside a dream
I used to tell my story
Right out loud
I sure was in my glory
I sure was proud
But then one day I fell down
I couldn't get up
People crowdin' all around
That's when they locked me up

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Bachman-Turner Overdrive II

Bachman-Turner Overdrive lyrics