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The man that you see before you
May not be the one that you knew
Freed from the weight of his youth
Should worry if I chose to stay confused
Take it from me
Change is on the move and it ain't free
You take whatever life gives
And hit the streets
Take it from me
May not desire everything I see
Impossible to predict to a T
My expectations change
From week to week
The man that you see before you
Free from his old world views
Embraced change and let it renew
Even when he couldn't face the truth
I'm working on it
I've been bad, I've been wrong
I've been a freakin' addict
Not to drugs, but to the wrong habits
I've talked about it
I've been lost, I've been gone
No more trust, it's too long
Since I loved, or been home
I try
We try

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