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They say follow your dreams, but what does that mean?
'Cause dreams only come to a sleeper.
Forget that; you need to wake up
Keep grinding instead. Keep that in your head
Praying and hoping is not enough
'cause faith without works is dead
Times what you make of it, no need to wait for it.
Shut up get on your grind.
Get up and Be great
If I fail bro, that's all on me
You can't stop me 'cause I'll be great
You ain't gotta believe what I say
It don't matter 'cause I'll be great
Best bet: get out of my way
Tunnel vision I can't be swayed
You can't stop be, cause I'll be great
Stop, being envious of everybody that's around you
You're not poor, 'cause they're rich.
Realize this: It's not fair, get over it
If you spent as much time working on your craft
As you did complaining... well...
You wouldn't have the time
Or energy to be worried about everybody else
If life is not in tact,
complaining won't get that;
a complete waste of your time
Why do you want to cry and complain?
Why in the Hell are you on sidelines? Get in the Game!
When it comes to my mind, it's all the way made
If you think you're outworking me, then you are insane
That's my attitude; stay in a battle mood.
Fear no man longitude or latitude
Broke or well off.. seems that you had to choose.
But I ain't mad it you, so beast it like an animal.
Maybe you knew me back when I was,
Flag waiving and gangbanging from yours to my hood
Driving my momma up a wall like it was all good
If it was fighting involved, didn't hesitate to fall through it.
Maybe you knew me as YG Rippa
When me and J Dunn would beef on you just a little
but we knew we had to fiddle with,
we were not happy innocents
Had the upper hand 'cause we were literate
Yet idiots would step up
And get they dumb butts bodied on microphones
I earned my stripes
'Cause I was nice was hype when I was writing on
The pad but if I had to fight
Then I could get my Viking on
I'd supply the cake and J Dunn would slap the icing on
I just so happen to be rapping since the age of 10
Like a God given talent prolly
Back to praising him, can't get pretend
I'm new to this stuff
Kuz I been doin this bruh
don't be a fool get ripped up,
You're cruising for bruisings mister? wait
Maybe you knew me back when I was grooving
Me and the gig squad put on for the Dallas boogie
And I had cameo up after cameo
The biggest one being the
Teach me how to dougie video
Maybe you know me from college when I was,
Running those track meets
And I was actually a decent enough,
Athlete to break a couple school records,
I'm proud of that joint
Came a long way from gangbanging up to that point
Maybe you know me from my YouTube
And all those vocal covers
And music ventures I used to.
Or, maybe you know me talking politics
Talking ancap libertarianism, all of it.
But last
Maybe you know me from my old band
Not Leviathan, the Gods I left fire from
Not acting like a higher form,
To hold my punch I had to be
But now I'm in position to answer
What you've been asking me
We parted ways 'cause
I didn't think we had foundation laid
They wanted to tour just to do it,
which was stupid , so
I was not about that and I wouldn't allow that
Kuz I happen to grow up broke
and I wasn't going back to that and that's the facts
We left on good terms...
Yea, but dang I would surely learn
for the worse it took a turn/
'cause the fools try to replace me with some dude
that would favor me, I hate to be
that guy but these lame babies shouldn't play me
And they didn't even try to hide it you and I know
The first song they tried to drop
was a song that I wrote
I record it before I left and that was just a sin to me
They got some whack cat
to try his hardest just to mimic me
Copy appearance to the mannerism
still let em make it ti
I heard these weak misses were sneak dissing
Gotta a lotta balls in it/ but I will have no part of it
Face the fact, it's the opposite of what an artist is
You are factory made
And you gotta go to grave with that bro..
High side and act though
originality is what you lack so/
Tell ya kids that all your career
is based a piggy back though/
"oh he mad Kuz they got signed and Backwordz didn't,"
shut up fool you must be an idiot. Oblivious
Don't make a fool out yourself.. 'cause you not real.
Over the past year we done past like 5 deals
And now we in a situation that is helping me
We own our own publishing
and this is still a self release
And BackWordz is a brand which was hard to get
We didn't sign a deal we were looking for a partnership
Now we gotta team and it's all business
I say if you with it, then you with it
The number of views can be at 20 million or a lot less
But we ain't sell our souls in the process I'll take that
You gotta get out there.
You're running yourself into the ground.
You gotta move on now and get up and get out.
You can find your way some how

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