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Most of y'all ain't gone like what I gotta say/
I'll let you know the truth, 'cause it's true either way/
Whether like it or not, you'll for sure appreciate/
So I'll separate all the real from the fake/
So let me give you somethin' y'all relate to/
Why can't metal and hardcore acts breakthrough?
You see the charts and you wonder why it ain't you?
Like these other fools are doing what you can't do?
'Cause I look around the game/
Most of y'all fools look, act, and sound the same/
The gimmick act surrounds the lames/
Labels, artists, and fans; all you clowns insane
'Cause y'all point the finger at each other, the truth is, y'all can equally blame one another.
Don't act like it's so hard to see
There's something on my mind, don't lie to me this time
I don't want to be like the next man/
And we don't want to be like the next band/
I understand that what I do's an acquired taste/
But that don't mean that y'all gotta hate!
Let me be great/
Hol up bro
Now I'm a fan like y'all. So understand what I'm sayin' 'cause I'm speaking from experience/
I understand you got your favorite bands/
But when you hate,
you're bringing all of us down, My brothaman.
But it seems y'all fools don't care/
All this hatin' stuff is sure to get is nowhere/
Don't act like it's so hard to see
There's something on my mind, don't lie to me this time
Follow what you're preaching and put down your front
No need to sell a soul
This is getting old
You're not supposed to be a copout so let's be forreal
I probably confused some of you
So let me break it down a ton or two
I' blunt but I'm honest too
It's 3 components to this:
The Fans, The Labels, The Artist
and they're about equally all apart it
Let's start with the latter, the artist.
Need to give up the gimmick,
Putting way too much emphasis on image/
Admit it, you're real corny. Your lyrics ain't even remotely reflecting your appearance or the life you're living.
And yea, he hate this, let me relay this:
It's several other markets besides those teenage chicks.
And the labels are to blame too, 'cause y'all keep signing the same fools, same coons putting out the same tunes
Last but not least: The Fans should know this
Should notice, quick, y'all control this.
Tip: Most artist ain't rich so
buy some merch, and rock a shirt
And jam that loud music 'til it hurt.
I want to see us come together
as a whole and be in that mosh put 'til we 60 years old.
I want to see all ethicities
Black, white, Asian, Hispanic; don't matter to me
So comprehend that
It's a quick fix, get this in tact
Need to get it together, this is whack
Whine, but you can't dismiss this fact.

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Elitist - Single