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Rise up!
I ain't saying I got the answers, but too much collectivism is cancer
Kidnapping you with a ransom, saying they gone save you like you're a damsel
But you're not in distress, you're just stressed, but you partially causing it
Yes. Individuality. The only way to succeed is secede
Pushing forward, realizing that we are the marked ones fighting for the freedom of the
Individual. Rise up, own yourself and take back what you've made
The government is full of dopes, bro
You and I both know they broker than a joke, though
You might as well run it back. They drop the ball like running backs
We got robbed, that's a funny fact, and you're not getting your money back
But I'm okay with that if that means that my kids aren't sold through slavery
A state is not saving me, and I done went from A to Z. I know the ins-and-outs
So please keep that stuff away from me
I'm not talking about reform, I'm saying stop selling assets of the unborn
We don't really need a revolution. Nah, what we need is an evolution
Sort of a reach, yeah it might be. But to win the war we gotta tap into the psyche
I'm saying you gotta look at it like this:
This ain't a battle of might, bro, this a battle of wits
This ain't about all the fighting, this ain't a battle of fists
That's why I jump on the mic like education is bliss
Frustrated as me? Why can't they see, you wanna be free?
We may disagree, if you're not forcing, it don't matter to me
Don't be a sheep, just earn your keep until you're deceased
So I say succeed, I say secede. I say secede

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