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2015 was the year that we made it happen
and we were born
And since then people been arguing
about what genre that we perform
Nu-Metal, rapcore, we are none of that so stop acting stupid
I got an idea: shut the hell up, sit back, and enjoy the music
BackWordz in the building like we're the ceiling
We're illin' no matter who find it appealing
I'm here and I got a feeling that we'll be dealing
A lot of pain. Where's the penicillin?
Get drilled in your head that we are monsters
And yeah, we come from the slums
And for some months we've been pumped
But for once I am now comfortable. I want to grow
I want some more success and I'm one to know
That greatness can't be rushed. It can't be lust
So face the fuss, and feel free to hate on us
We lace them up. Dues, we done paid them up
Keep snakes away from us, and safe from us
You might wanna be
I remember when clowns used to make fun of me
And now they want to be me. See me and they run to me
I'm gonna be the greatest, yeah I want to be
But I am not the one to be the fakest
for the sake of being played
I am here, like I had never left
Settle? Hell no, 'cause I can't just fail
So just prepare your ears, it'll get forreal
A test from here; we will never take the sell. It's grind time
My mind and my thoughts. My highs and my faults
My wins and my loss. When will I fall off? It's a task for me
You are now listening to "Veracity."

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