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Set Us Free - lyrics

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Struggle comes with a lesson,.
I can't be the only one,
questioning my heart and what
the times will say about it
Carry on.
The Word is in us, if we'll just speak
as though we have what we cannot reach.
Keep your heart on it.
It seems like now more than ever
when I say man's not who I serve,
a target's put on my back.
But what You've endured
has got nothing on that.
My life is steady on the line.
For that I will not apologize.
I still stand in defeat.
When it's all said and done,
I can't take those with me.
If no one had faith in me,
I'd still believe in You.
The world can't set us free,
they'll chain us, hand and feet.
Take all that I am.
Consume me,
Renew me.

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