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A little crazy and I must face it.
I'm on the brink of insanity.
And I'm in neck deep.
They tried to tell me,
but they're just wasting their breath.
'cause I know what I felt.
And I'm thinking that if you're not,
you're not living.
No need for saving him,
because we all got a little craziness.
And you may not want to admit any of it,
but I wouldn't want to be around me
if I so happen to snap.
I'm not in a fragile state of mind.
I just don't run away,
'cause it's a waste of my time.
I'm not in a fragile state of mind.
And I might get a bad rap
if I so happen to snap.
With all that happens that is around me,
idiocy surrounds me.
And I don't need no consultation,
I just don't shy away from confrontation.
You came at me with unwarranted nonsense,
what am I to do?
If one of us has to leave tonight with an L, bro
then it might be you.
I think I've possible already told you
that I'm not the one.
So back, back, give me fifty feet
if you think conflicts not fun.
If you could see into my mind,
you would know what I've endured.
From the brink of my demise,
I have come from further shores.

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