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Utopias Don't Exist - lyrics

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The life you’re living just might be different
Despite what you might be thinking, your life decisions
Could fight, but the night
Just thickens and knifes your vision
I might be the light you’re missing.
My mic, you listen
First off: need to act, man
Take everything that you learned
From this Liberal Media and toss it in the trash can
That garbage is probably why you try
To make everybody feel sorry
For the parties involved and it’s whack man
Most politicians have one mission:
Say or do whatever it takes to keep your attention
I guess you think the truth is so boring.
They get away with telling lies
And you’re dumb enough to vote for em'
Left, right, republicans, or democrats.
Red or blue, different sides on the same crap
Black, white, gay, straight, need to pipe down
Nobody’s obligated to accept your lifestyle
Stop thinking that the government should force it
They say that you should listen twice as much as you talk
You have two eyes so you should watch where you walk
'cause everything ain’t what it seems.
Sometimes it’s far from truth
You can mislead them but I see right through you
It’s time to wake up
It’s time to wake up
Another hashtag, now blacks mad
'Cause the cops shot another brother
That fast, and yea, that’s sad
Here come the marches on Washington.
Fueled with fire like arsonist, it’s hard to get,
And I’m just sick, I’m tired of it
Get up in arms when a cop do it,
But don’t even bat an eye
When one of US shooting and it’s foolishness
What you’re doing is proving that,
Not even our own kind truly value a life that’s black
How can we expect, others to show black folks respect
When we act blind to all of this.
Accountability is what we lack
Meanwhile the politician keep benefiting
Taking sides, while they just play the victim
Well I’m black, so I’ll tell you like this...
Stop fronting like you’re pissed when you’re inconsistent.
I criticize y’all hoping that you rise, dog
Slander and lies, rationalize,
The fact they try to dismantle guys with animal eyes
Rats, snakes, on the prowl over emphasis on differences..
The difference is, to co-exist is the heart of existence
Ain’t nothing wrong with being on different sides
Of the same subject. Think before you criticize
Minimize conflict by understanding that you
Ain’t gone understand all of what is different from you following

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