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You, Are You - lyrics

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I won't be held accountable for the hell of the past
I don't owe a penny or dime to amend for their crimes
Don't you see? You're illusioned and apologizing
For events you had no part in. It's a mass delusion
Just due to my skin tone they applied a path to me
No matter what my ancestry was, I was never a slave
I must find that it's asinine that you really think
That the path of mine is determined by another mastermind
Like it's your life, and that's out of line
We can't take the credit for what we did not endure
We can't pay for the mistakes that man has made before
Apply this to now
We can't take credit for our father's successes
This crown is not my own
Let me earn my keep, let me pave my own way
Foolish. When you sit and think about it, it is stupid
That you would take credit for history
That you had nothing to do with
Acting bold and proud, or acting like you're hurt
But you are owed nothing just because
You stood on the same dirt
You are owed nothing
Go, take what's yours. Pave your path and find it
Go decide it. Go, take control
You're not obligated to not make it out

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