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Can't Keep Us Silent - lyrics

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This city is skint and its debts out of reach
while billions are spent to preserve a prestige
more shops are shut down, soon this avenue´s dead
Jobs gone, drugs done - see where all has led
More glamour downtown but our neighborhood´s dying
the flats are run down and the walls are decaying
The streets of Berlin have become a sad sight
and there´s a lot who are ready now, ready for a riot
Who needs this pomp, what´s splendour fucking for?
(You spoil the money taken from the poor)
No way to appease us anymore
The man on the street is hardly making due
Get off your seats and hear us singing...
No, you won´t give us hell
No, you won´t keep us still
There´s a million gray clouds and they fill the Golden State
Hear the new Governor promise us change
Deep in the hole, gotta crawl our way out
Broke now, dead town - see what´s coming out
Hollywood lights flicker glamour and fame
No one can afford there´s no cash to be made
The streets of L.A. can´t control their rage
Another kid shot - read it on the front page
Who needs this shit, what can we do at all?
Our anger´s real, we spray it on the wall
The man on the streets is hardly making do
Get off your seats and hear us singing...
This city´s a wreck and no money comes in
a phantom of fear stalks the streets of Berlin
You see everyday what could be your own fate:
tramps and homeless - what a fucking sight
Needy on the streets, no place for the sick
No money for rent, feel like chucking a brick
It seems like the same as it´s back in L.A.
Outside the spotlight there´s streets of decay

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