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Lady, You gonna pick me up tonight,
And drive me to the road of fancy world.
It doesn’t matter what You think of me,
I’m gonna start a whole new way of live.
Night live, union, drugs and big mans talk,
That’s all a part of my new live.
Power, big Money, sex and danger zones
I can hardly breath in savage trade.
You know I live my life like a candle in the wind,
don’t give any chance to enemy’s
Be clever and watch out, don’t do things alone
or you can’t get out of this black hole.
Baby, be on the level when they come,
And call me if you see there’s something wrong.
Watch out!!!!
And go straight to the point.
They have never done me any harm.
Danger, dealings, move as fast as light,
the dealer is in town and he can’t wait.
Leaders, gangsters, keep an eye on you,
Give them that stuff and you are safe.
Repeat chorus

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Power of Destruction