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I’m sitting here between four walls right on my own,
no where to go to, my freedom is chained.
You used to be the one I loved with all my heart,
now you have left me, my heart turned stone cold.
Come back !!! Return !!!
I need you more now than ever before.
Come back !!! Return !!!
I just can’t live without you by my side.
Please won’t you tell me what went wrong between our love,
lets talk it over, now lets work it cout.
Counting the hours till I see you back again,
I’ll change my whole life to have you again.
We always had such good times on our own,
our love, was brighter than sunlight.
No one could ever tear us apart,
our heart, beat as one.
I know I’ve made big mistakes in my life,
please let me prove you, I’ve changed.
Being alone in this room make me think,
the only way out, it’s in your hands.
Yeeeeeah ….
Repeat chorus.

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