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I Wish You Were Here - lyrics

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I. I can see. I can see everything from here
And I. I'm in the theatre of my mind
I'm plying every role and I wish you were here
Now you're lonely, lonely like the sun
Whose going to love you, why should anyone?
Can you bear to be the bearer of such things?
I don't believe that I believe it
And I'm afraid that I I'm afraid
I wish you were here
It's another kind of silence
In a world of screaming violence
I wish you were here
I wish you were here
Come and taste some rage
Come and open the cage
And I wish you could feel
What I can feel
Null and void not yet destroyed uneven
Contemplation never got it done
Unattached to any kind of reason
A soul assassination has begun
Tell saint Peter and the angels not to sing
It's another kind of silence
It's another kind of sin

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