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No Place Like Home - lyrics

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So silent so free of everything
So softly the bindings fall
So very close to ending
So silent forever more
No angels no stairway no welcome no sanctuary
So evil so empty no place no stay
This is not my heaven but it's closer than too far
And it's not forever 'cos it's burning
There's a whole new danger
There's fear of where you are
This is not my heaven so far
This is no place like home
Persistance of time
And visions of my own destiny come back to me
This is no place like home
Nothing rings true nothing I do
Can cahnge the sacred heart in me and you
Why trust me just be me
One world and we're history
No sunlight no shadow no place to be
This is not my heaven but it's here before my eyes
Are we hell's own neighbour 'cos it's burning
There's a hot wind blowing
And it takes your sould away
This is not my heaven today
So take me so far from everything
Surround me with nothing more
So many ways of ending
Be silent forever more.

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