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Skeleton Key - lyrics

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Half asleep with the sun coming up out east.
We’re driving down Garfield Ave when you said a strange and significant thing:
I can remember the words “this was, a beautiful night,
it won’t ever happen this way again.”
No my dear, nothing much grows around here.
We carry our roots with us, a couple of weeds, pulled up.
Misguided girl you’ll be the heroine of my book.
The plot is the course we took,
the setting can’t be no where else in the world.
And the story opens up with you,
your broken dreams and cheap perfume.
You’re on a city bus, the rain it falls.
Your makeup bleeds, the wind it howls.
I stumble on from Uptown bars -
I guess that’s all I’ve got so far,
but at the end, I don’t know how,
you save me and you save yourself.
It ends so soon, the night and the fading moon.
I put my hand inside yours.
The city looks strange and significant.
Know these streets, the place where I’ll live and die.
Resigned to that fact but
I’m hoping it happens this way again.
Fall asleep to the radio.
Try to keep what I got from you.
Hard to do in these dreary days.

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